SUMMARY: ypbind and wrong domain

From: Lusty Wench (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 15:35:20 CDT

Thanks to

Reggie Stuart
Mike Salehi
William Kuderka
Paul Kowalenko

and especially to

William Hathaway
David Evans

who both came up with the correct answer, which was to stop ypbind,
run ypinit -c, then restart ypbind.

Note that this particular situation was exceptionally confusing because
the system WAS correctly binding to the correct domain. The problem was
that it was ALSO attempting to bind to another, incorrect domain.

Once again, this list comes through in record time. See original
question below.


> I have a system that is exhibiting a weird problem with ypbind. It is
> successfully bound to a NIS server for the only domain listed in
> /var/yp/binding, but it is continually trying to also bind to a server
> for another domain.
> The last time I rebooted the machine, I had modified the value in the
> /etc/defaultdomain file to be this other domain, but I have since changed
> that value and tried restarting ypbind, to no avail.
> Is my only option to reboot this machine again?
> Lusty

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