SUMMARY: Uh-oh - Can't create /var/adm/utmp

From: Bob White (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 09:34:49 CDT

The best answer came from John Douglass. He
sent me this info:

 SRDB ID: 20768

SYNOPSIS: Jumbo Kernel Patch 106541-##
gives utmp and utmpx errors

It explains exactly what the problem was, and
two methods of repair. Thanks very much to
John and all the other respondents.

Original message follows:
Hello all.

And I was doing so well. I posted a question the
other day about printtool problems. Deb
Crocker opined that it was a known bug, with a
fix. I had some other problems that had fixes, so
I figured I should get the latest patch cluster and
run it, then see what problems were left over. I
did that, and rebooted, and now get the error
Cannot create /var/adm/utmp
Cannot create /var/adm/utmpx

I'm given a boot mode promt, with selections 0-6
and Standalone, but can get no further no matter
what I enter.

The faq's don't mention this, and of course I
can't get to the on-line docs, as I can't get the
system to run.

Anyone know how to recover from this?


Bob White

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