SUMMARY : Netbackup and Disksuite on Solaris 8

From: Daniel Polombo (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 01:27:25 CDT

Got a couple replies on that one, but I still haven't solved my
problem. Original question below.

Thanks to Arthur Darren Dunham <>
and Don Cary Grant <>.

Arthur had no idea why the second script was executed immediately
after the first, but pointed out I had no need to lock the DB
while resyncing disks, which is entirely correct. My mistake :)

Don suggested posting the question to the Veritas-bu mailing-list,
whose address gets posted here every once in a while :

Original question :

> Hi managers,
> I have a problem with Netbackup on an E450 running Sol 8.
> The system has a system disk, and a 100 Go mirror created
> with Disksuite. There is a DB running on the mirror, that
> needs to remain available all the time.
> What we want to do :
> - before backuping, lock the DB, put one submirror offline,
> unlock the DB
> - backup the offlined submirror (with the DB in a coherent
> state)
> - after backuping, lock the DB, put the submirror back online,
> let Disksuite deal with sync issues, unlock the DB
> I have created bpstart_notify and bpend_notify scripts
> accomplishing precisely what we need. So far, so good.
> Unfortunately, when Netbackup backups the system, it
> doesn't wait for the data to be sent to the server
> before running the bpend_notify script (as it should, per
> the Netbackup administrator's manual), instead running
> that script right after the bpstart_notify.
> Is there a known bug with Netbackup and Solaris 8? Or I
> am overlooking something obvious?

Daniel Polombo
System/network engineer
Thomson-CSF Detexis

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