SUMMARY: Jumpstart Booting/Routing

From: Richard Smith (
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 21:18:59 CDT

Only one person responded to this posting and it was correct. Our thanks
to Kevin Amorin who
provided the solution.

The client and it's boot server reach a point in their conversation in which
the client needs to reach it's
install server (in our case on another subnet). Within the rcS script,
/usr/sbin/hostconfig -p bootparams
issues a request to the bootparamd server, which replies with several items,
among which is a default route
that the client needs to reach outside the subnet (to its install server).
Use the following options to hostconfig
to check the response of any bootparamd service:

# /usr/sbin/hostconfig -p bootparams -d -n -v

If the bootparamd server doesn't respond with a route, you must add the
default route to the boot server's
/etc/defaultrouter file and/or manually add the default route with the route


>Our Jumpstart boot server and install server reside on different subnets
and we use static routing. During the client boot in >the rcS init step,
the network interface is configured (rev-arp), but the system later
hangs/pauses because it cannot connect >to its install server (which is on a
different subnet).

>We've had to modify rcS so that it adds a default route to the install
server's subnet after the interface is configured to solve >this problem.
This is true for Solaris 2.6, 7, and 8.

>during the boot process the client machine does a
>"whoami" request and the boot server responds with config info including
>the default router of that server. A problem arises if the boot server is
>multi-homed as some clients will receive the wrong default route. To fix
>this add a multiple default route entries to /etc/defaultrouter and touch
>/etc/norouter so that packets will not get routed between the various
>interfaces. The client will then receive the correct defaultroute for the
>subnet on which it is on. Hope this helps. If you have a chance please
>summarize as someone had a similar question a bit back.

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