SUMMARY: creating Solaris packages

From: Buddy Lumpkin (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 19:44:01 CDT

Thanks to the following people for their help

Louis Zechtzer []
Danielle Georgette []
Terje J. Hanssen []
David Foster []
Rob McCauley [robmccau@RadOnc.Duke.EDU]
Arthur Darren Dunham []
Jeff Welsch []

several people suggested or as a place to get
the answer.

Here is the response from Arthur Darren Dunham:

1) has a section on how they create their packages. You
might want to check that out.

2) You can go between filesystem packages and datastream packages with

3) Check for the full information on package creation. I'd
look around for pkgtrans or something like that and then just browse the
whole manual.

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                From: Buddy Lumpkin
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                Subject: creating Solaris packages

                Hello All,

                What tools would I need to create installable packages in
Solaris? Also, I have noticed that the packages that Veritas and Sun makes
you can use pkgadd -d <directory> but when installing packages from you have to list the package name explicitly. So I guess I
need to know what tools that I need and the difference in configuration
between the two that I mentioned earlier.



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