SUMMARY: E10000 having no such interface (qfe)

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Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 17:46:40 CDT

I only get 1 reply and many thanks to Glenn.Richards" <>. In fact, I did a boot -r but didn't solve my problem. Problem was resolved after changing my /etc/path_to_inst.

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Dear Sun Managers,

I've an E10K. Initially, my colleage had attached
a system board (one qfe
card, one fibre card connected to an bootable disk)
to an existing domain. Right now,
this domain has 2 system boards, and each board has an qfe card and fibre
card. The fibre card both are
connected to a boot disk.
Yesterday, I tried to do an board detach without
success and the domain hung and panic. I just
bringup -A off the domain
to OK prompt and do a domain
remove and recreate of the domain using only
board 1. Right now, I need
to use the other board 2
to create another domain. I'm able to boot up from
the bootable disk (that was connected earlier b/4
my colleage do a board attach). However, when
I do an ifconfig -a, there is no interface there.
giving me only lo0.p
During the booting up, it is giving me qfe (no such
address or device).
But I'm able to configure the interface using qfe4 --
ifconfig qfe4 xx.xx.xx.xx
plumb up. Can someone tells me how to recreate
the interface to qfe0?? Please help me and is urgent
for me to create for a new domain.


I think that the reason you can get qfe4 to work is that the device tree
can only find the qfe card at that address... When you removed the 1st system board, *that* was the one that had your qfe0 defined. Booting off of the
same disk meant that what you saw was the 2nd board in the configuration, which the device entries pointed to as qfe0 is at an address that doesn't exist in the current configuration (the system board is not on the system).

 You might want to boot -r, or remove path_to_inst, and boot -a to resolve
this one.

Glenn M. Richards
Senior Systems Administrator
Yellow Technologies, Inc.

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