SUMMARY: Moving memory in SS1000E

Date: Sun Sep 03 2000 - 22:36:26 CDT

Many thanks to:

Hendrik Visage []
Peter Wallis []
Öberg Mats []
Stan Pietkiewicz []
Scott Kulp []

who mostly all sent a diagram similar to this one by Peter Wallis...

        Front of Board with Connector etc.

                bank 3 bank 3
                bank 2 bank 2
                bank 1 bank 1
                bank 0 bank 0

                bank 3 bank 3
                bank 2 bank 2
                bank 1 bank 1
                bank 0 bank 0

        Back of Board with SCSI plugs etc.

Bank 0 needs to be filled first, then Bank 1, Bank 2, Bank 3. If Bank 0
isn't full it won't see Bank 1 and so on. 4 memory modules per bank. You
can't mix memory chip sizes in a bank but you can have different sized chips
in different banks (i.e. Bank 0 can be 4 x 32mb, Bank 1 can be 4 x 64mb

The error I'm getting on Server A in my example was because I've yanked the
first parts of Bank 0 and Bank 1. I've since fixed this and added the
memory to Server B all in Bank 0 on the second board, worked first time.

Again thanks to all the quality replies from the abovementioned, much

And the original question:

Greetings Sun Managers and those of us aspiring to become,

I've got 2 x Sun SS1000E servers and want to move memory from one to
another. I was told that I need to yank/install memory in banks/blocks of 4
memory modules.

I've pulled 4 modules out of Server A and rebooted it and it's fine except
for this message:

Sep 1 16:23:54 imdappdev unix: [ID 459246 kern.warning] WARNING: Board 1
bus 0 memory group 0 is unavailable (J2800 J2900 J3000 J3100)
Sep 1 16:23:54 imdappdev unix: [ID 459246 kern.warning] WARNING: Board 1
bus 0 memory group 1 is unavailable (J3200 J3300 J3400 J3500)

Is this something that will only happen this first reboot? Do I need to
have memory in some blocks before others? Is there something I need to do
to tell the bus that these slots are empty now?

Both boxes have 2 system boards. I removed the memory from the slots
closest to the back of the system board in Server A (i.e. facing the back of
the machine, where the SCSI ports and the like are) from the second board.
There's another couple of modules in the slots closer to the front of this
board. All the slots in the top board (board 0?) are full. Server A used
to have 384mb in it, it boots now with 128mb. Have I removed 256mb or have
I removed a lesser amount and made the memory at the front of this board
unavailable do to the way the bus works or something?

The idea was to remove 128mb from Server A and put it into Server B, thus
giving them both 256mb. If the 4 modules I've removed make 256mb (4 x 64mb)
then that's cool, the server it's going into needs all it can get anyhow and
I don't want to mess around and have something break.

I can't bring the Server B down until Sunday morning to install the new
memory as it's a production server but can I simply put it in any free slots
I find on one of the two boards? If not which board and/or slots should I
fill first (any of these suggestions could you please talk front/back end of
board or explain how I tell what constitutes a group in one of these servers

I don't have any sort of hardware manual for these servers and haven't found
anything on SunSolve with some sort of board layout.

In case it matters, Server A is running SunOS 5.8, Server B is running SunOS

Thanks in advance to any respondants. Will summarize.

Adrian Blount

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