[SUMMARY]: Upgrading IDE Disk in Ultra 10

From: Ron Hahn (ron@kerry.com)
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 05:01:34 CDT

Thanks to the many people who responded to my query.

The overall opinion is that any UDMA 33 IDE drive up to between 27 and
40GB will work without changes to format.dat. Solaris 7 & 8 also
(apparently) read the drive geometry right off the disc (Not sure about
solaris 2.6 though).

A few tips worth quoting:

>From "Matthew R. Briggs" <mbriggs@switchboard.net>

        If you are using Solaris 7 or 8 you can use any stock UDMA/33
drive and
it will work. The 9GB Seagate on my Ultra 5 ate iteslf, and I replaced
it with a 15GB/7200RPM/2MB cache Maxtor drive. No fussing with
format.dat files; the OS reads the geometry from the disk.

>From "Haohui Wang" <haohui@LJEXTRA.COM>

I have tried 27G and it worked. 40G NOT a chance! So the limit is
somewhat in betweeen. They are all Ultra DMA drives. There is a
available upgrade to OpenBoot that you may want to apply also.

 From "Timothy Lorenc" <tim@load.com>

Well... you could altogether skip IDE and the problems with it
and go right to SCSI. You can buy a Symbios Logic SYM53C8751SP
for around $50 and then just go buy your favorite UW SCSI hard
disk drive... (NOTE: if you are buying non-SUN brands you will
have to label the disk before using it...)



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