SUMMARY:E3500& OK prompt

From: Mohammad Matar (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 11:49:10 CDT

Thanks a lot for all who responded, too many to list. All I needed to do is
to hook a terminal ( 9600 8 N ) using a null modem cable to ttya on the
system and the system automatically senses that and directs display to the
terminal. As for my second question on how to get to the OK prompt I needed
to hit the break key! Here is my 2 questions:
Dear Managers,

I just got a new E-3500 with Solaris 8 media and an A5200 array. The weird
thing is that there is no monitor or keyboard/mouse on the order! I know
that you can use a dumb terminal as a console for operations, but can it be
used to install Solaris 8 and how?

Dear Managers,
> Using a dumb terminal connected to E3500 and no SUN keyboard, how can I
> force the system to go to the OK prompt? In my case the system tried to
> off the boot disk, Solaris not installed yet, and then tried to boot off
> net and it is timing out on RARP requests. I need to go to the OK prompt
> boot cdrom and install Solaris. Thanks

Mohammad Matar
Systems Engineer
Digital Controls Corp.
(513) 746-8118 ext. 2205
(513) 743-8575 fax

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