SUMMARY: Max File Descriptors

From: Vince Sabio (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 01:32:37 CDT

** Sometime around 13:23 -0400 08/28/2000, Vince Sabio said:

>We're running Sybase on Solaris, and Sybase apparently uses file
>descriptors for open connections. (?) So, in order to increase the
>number of simultaneous connections, we need to increase the max
>number of file descriptors. Solaris documentation seems to be a
>little weak on this front. Anyone have a recipe for this?

I received several terrifically detailed responses to this question,
and lots of very good related information (along with plenty of
cautions)! The bottom line is this, with thanks to Karl and Kevin:

    Try adding these lines to /etc/system and rebooting:

       * set hard limit on file descriptors (was 256)
           set rlim_fd_max = 768
       * set soft limit on file descriptors (was 64)
           set rlim_fd_cur = 512

There is also some very good information here, with thanks to Amparo and Johan:


Refer to section 7. There is also very good info in the Solaris FAQ,
with thanks to Casper:


And a similar FAQ, with lots of good kernel tuning information, with
thanks to Loper:


There were several other suggestions made, as well, but rlim_fd_max
is what did the trick for us. Huge thanks to everyone for the

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