SUMMARY: jumpstart directory not found

From: Jon Bernard (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 15:06:08 CDT

Matt Carter immediately identified the problem. I'm quoting his email
to me in its entirety:

This may be similar to a problem I had a couple of weeks ago. There was a bug
id reported on Sunsolve but no solution. Sun suggested making sure the netmask
of the host and client were the same as there was some issues with this. I was
not so sure about that one. It didn't seem to work.

After having a closer look we discovered that the jumpstart script that runs on
the client, (can't remember the one - sunstart or something like that) when it
is trying to mount the jumpstart directory, initiates a call to the server
requesting the appropriate bootparams entry for the hostname. In our case the
hostname in the sysidcfg is different to the hostname in the bootparams (for
various reasons to do with how we wanted to set up our networks - all machines
are multihomed). The sysidcfg name clobbers the variable that holds hostname
before all bootparams entries have been received. That is why some directories
mount but others do not.

The simple solution is to make an additional entry in bootparams with the
post-clobbered hostname. This is not the most elegant way but it works fine.

If your are not using different hostnames on the single machine then it could be
a spelling mistake in the sysidcfg or hosts/nis/dns entry.

The fix was reported to sun so they may come out with a fix to the 'bug'.
Apparently the bug report has been open for many years but could be never
replicated in the sun labs and so was always closed again.

And indeed, adding a second entry to /etc/bootparams fixed
things. add_install_client added an entry for;
I needed to add a duplicate entry for papaya (ie, not the FQDN), which
was the value of hostname in sysidcfg.

Thanks to all who responded.

Jon Bernard

My original question:

I'm doing a custom jumpstart of Solaris 7, but I get

Searching for JumpStart directory...
Not found.

My add_install_client command was (the xxx's were the real values):

./add_install_client -e 8:0:20:d2:1a:65 -i -c \
wishbone:/mnt/install/jumpstart -p \
wishbone:/mnt/install/jumpstart/papaya papaya sun4u

mount -F nfs wishbone:/mnt/install/jumpstart /tmp/install_config works
fine on the client (papaya).

cat /etc/bootparams: (actually all on one line)
install=wishbone:/mnt/install boottype=:in
install_config=wishbone:/mnt/install/jumpstart rootopts=:rsize=32768

rpc.bootparamd -d gives me:
... deleted ...
getfile_1: file is "wishbone"
getfile_1: file is "wishbone" "/mnt/install"
getfile_1: file is "wishbone" "/mnt/install/jumpstart/papaya"

snoop 8:0:20:d2:1a:65 on the jumpstart server (wishbone):
... deleted ... -> BPARAM C GETFILE
install_config -> wishbone TCP D=2049 S=1023 Ack=1636528597
Seq=37251576 Len=0 Win=8760 -> BPARAM C GETFILE
install_config (retransmit)

Wishbone is Solaris 7 8/99, MU4.

I can find nothing relevant on SunSolve.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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