SUMMARY: Multi-Link Trunking

From: Seth Rothenberg (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 08:58:58 CDT

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I just thought I would summarize our test with Sun Trunking.
Sun Trunking can be described as a Fault Tolerant Ethernet connection.

Sun Trunking software was developed in conjunction with several switch companies
to create and conform to the industry-standard "Multi-Link Trunking",
which allows you to define a single IP/MAC address to span multiple physical links.
In normal operation, load is balanced across all links. In the event of a link
failure, load is distributed across the remaining active links.

Installing the Software was relatively quick. If you are installing qfe or GB ethernet
for the first time, don't bother installing the drivers, because Sun Trunking has newer
drivers. It took about 5 minutes to define the trunk. (The ethernet ports must not be
plumbed while defining the trunk).

We installed 2 qfe cards in an E3500, and defined a trunk 0 to use qfe instances
0,1,4,and 5. Note that this is the first 2 ports on each card. In a proper configuration,
these 2 cards will be on different I/O boards. We connected 4 cables to the switch,
using different 24-port cards. The order of the cables is not important, as the software
sorts this out automatically. We established a link, ran ping -s router 20000, and let it run.
we then pulled out one link at a time. Messages reported loss of carrier on the
ports that were down, but the link stayed up throughout. We even changed the order of
the cables while the link was up. We expect to put new servers on our live network within
a month and be in production within 2 months.

Sun Trunking supports QFE and GB ethernet. Not all Sun platforms are supported.
Please feel free to ask if you need more information.

Seth Rothenberg
Montefiore Medical Center
Bronx NY

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