SUMMARY 2 Re: Growing mirror

From: Rob McMahon (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 04:15:29 CDT

> Can I ask one more question that I can't answer for myself. Does anyone
> know of any issues with growfs'ing logging filesystems (as in UFS logging,
> not as in DiskSuite trans devices).

I chickened out of this one by doing
        mount -o remount,nologging /fs
        growfs -M /fs /dev/md/rdsk/d45
        mount -o remount,logging /fs

> I've just tricked it though. Add the steps of
> Find a spare partition
> `metattach' it to the second sub-mirror
> metattach d47 c1t69d0s0
> The mirror magically grows to the size of the first sub-mirror, the
> extended d46! (The smallest of d46 and d47.)
> `metadetach' the second sub-mirror from the sub-mirror
> metadetach d45 d47
> `metaclear' the second sub-mirror
> metaclear d47
> `metainit' the second sub-mirror
> (now with just its original partition)
> metainit d47 1 1 mc1t85d0s0
> `metattach' the second sub-mirror back on the mirror
> metattach d45 d47
> Wait for resync
> metastat d45 ...

Although I'm not now in a position to try it, according to Scott Howard I
could have just done
        metattach d45
instead. Doh!


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