SUMMARY : ANNEX console rotary howto

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Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 17:38:53 CDT

-*--Thanks to all who replied --
Stephen Harris *
Warren Stokes
john heasley *
Chris W Knox
Seth Rothenberg
Arthur Darren Dunham *
Bryan Moore

orignal plea:
-----------------Begin plea-------------//------>
Hi All,

       I'm trying to reconfigure a Micro Annex XL console server / modem
server for multiple console access.

Does anyone recall howto configure the ports for rotary access, via the
admin / annex command screens; leaving the device self booting as such:-

     telnet annex 5001

would connect you to port 1

     telnet annex 5002

would connect you to port 2 ..etc..etc..

----------------------End plea-----//--->

Note: Detailed documentation is on Sun's site...very hard to find.. Scroll
down for summary of actual commands @ bottom.:

***more specifically :;bt=SPARCcluster+HA+Server+Hardware+Planning+and+Installation;ps=ps%2FSUNWab_83_1%2FHAHWINSTALL%2F11.Installing_the_Software

The Solution is to set each port to slave mode, and dedicate each port toa
numeric port.

annex: su
<passwd> <--- default is device'z IP
Annex# admin

/* then u issue each of these for an 8port unit
    ... and reboot the unit. */

set port=1 mode slave dedicated_port 5001
set port=2 mode slave dedicated_port 5002
set port=3 mode slave dedicated_port 5003
set port=4 mode slave dedicated_port 5004
set port=5 mode slave dedicated_port 5005
set port=6 mode slave dedicated_port 5006
set port=7 mode slave dedicated_port 5007
set port=8 mode slave dedicated_port 5008

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