SUMMARY: Startup Script problems

From: Reichert, Alan (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 14:50:22 CDT

Thanks for inputs from:

David Evans
Bill Benedetto
Clifford Thurber
Ronald Loftin
Joel Lee.

These inputs looked at the way various shells were picking up environment
variable. One suggestion
was to check that the su was picking them up properly. I did place some
echo statements in the script
for troubleshooting, and it seemed to pick up alright.

As it turns out, though, it had nothing to do with environment variables.
It's something that I vaguely
recall seeing some years ago where another program required a tty to write
to. This was the case here as well.
A little redirection introduced into the script corrected the problem, and
the daemon comes up on boot

It also appears that I offended an individual with my choice of terminology
for levity. Please note the
substitution in the first line of the original question below.

Thanks, all!


- Alan

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> From: Reichert, Alan
> Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2000 12:34 PM
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> Subject: Startup Script problems
> OK, this is probably a **senior moment**, and someone will tell me
> something simple to
> fix this that I've missed, but here goes...
> I'm trying to script startup of a package (SDE from ESRI) on
> an Ultra 10 with Sol7.
> If I su to the SDE user and run the startup command, it's fine.
> If I try to run it from the script, it gives me gripes about
> not finding required
> libraries, even though LD_LIBRARY_PATH includes the
> directories where the libraries
> are located, and it is exported. The script will su to the
> SDE user (su user -c <command>) without picking up
> the user's environment variables. (I have tried the other
> way (su - user -c <command>) with the same results).
> So! What have I missed?
> Thanks.
> - Alan "Is this Monday again?" R.

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