SUMMARY: SunOS and ptys

From: Leonard, Roger (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 13:33:37 CDT

thanks to all who responded:

Original question:

I inherited several machines running SunOS 4.1.4 and they are running out of

ptys. I know next to nothing of SunOS 4 but I am very familiar with Solaris
and other Unix flavors. In my poking around it appears that there is a
kernel file (/vmunix) and I assume there is a kernel config file somewhere
that needs edited with the proper params and then a manual rebuild and move
of the kernel is needed. i have done this with Digital Unix and other
flavors but need the details for SunOS. could someone provide me a bit of
spoon-feeding please? Thanks and I will summarize.

SunOS 4 comes out of the box with 128 ptys configured in the kernel but only
device files. Use good old MAKEDEV to create additional lots of 16.

# cd /dev
# ls -al ptys* | wc | awk '{print $1}'

gives current pty count of 48 in my case

then divide current pty count by 16 and use that number for the MAKEDEV

48/16 = 3

# ./MAKEDEV pty3

Works like a charm.

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