SUMMARY: Configuring Sun Ultra 2 with Storagetek L180 using VeritasNetbackup

From: Changa Anderson (
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 13:23:08 CDT

Thanks for the help. In the end it was Storagetek support that came on
site and explained the proper configuration for the SCSI cabling. And
then I come to find out that he already explained it to someone else who
was there when the drives were installed. That person didn't know how
another group within the company wanted it cabled so he said to leave it
uncabled. ARRRGGHH!! Communication is 95% of everything. There are no
labels nor instructions to do this; thus my predicament. What confused
me and prompted me to write you peeps was my concern on whether or not
tape library components should show up as one unit (library robot/tape
drives together) or as separate units (the library and the tape
drive(s)) to the OS. However, soon after sending the message, I deduced
that they should show up separately. So my only problem was with the
SCSI cabling and figuring out what needed to go where. STK helped me
figure that out. It had nothing to do with the OS or the configuration
of Veritas Netbackup. I already had that stuff completed.

Thanks to:
* "David Tse" <> -- told me there needs to be /dev/rmt
entries for the tapes drive and gave me some info about Netbackup config
(already knew that but thanks for the notes)
* Satch Nanda (consultant ASC) <> -- told me about
probe-scsi-all and /dev/rmt entries (already knew that)
* ozone <> -- told me about /dev/rmt entries, sg
device driver, and gave me some of his notes on the Netbackup
installation/configuration (already knew that, thanks for the notes)
* -- told me that the library robot and tape drive
are separate entities (same as above :)
* Don Cary Grant <> -- told me to do probe-scsi-all
* "Chang, Sam" <> -- told me to check
/kernel/drv/st.conf and that I don't need Netbackup to see the tape
drives (already modified st.conf and I know)
* Benjamin D Fowler <> -- gave me some sgscan
output and told me how to add tape drive under Netbackup (already knew
that but it helped to verify my conclusion that you should see
changers/libraries separate from the tape drives)

Thanx everyone,

BTW, To you folx on the Sun Manager's list, I never received my
submission to the list. Is that normal? Please respond to me directly.

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Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 15:23:47 -0400
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        I may have left some information out. The tape drives are daisy
chained in the L180, so I'm assuming that they are on the same SCSI bus
as the robot/library. I was not here when the L180 was configured and I
have little documentation, so I don't know exactly how it's set up. I
now believe that there should be /dev/rmt entries on the Ultra2 but the
box isn't seeing them. Am I right? I think this question needs to go
to Storagetek support so I'm gonna try them but your replies will be
appreciated. Any other ideas on how I can get the Sun box to see these
tape drives?

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Subject: Configuring Sun Ultra 2 with Storagetek L180 using Veritas
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 14:55:26 -0400
From: Changa Anderson <>
Organization: Sitesmith, Inc.
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    I need your help regarding the configuration of a Sun Ultra 2 with a
Storagetek L180 using Veritas Netbackup. I have successfully been able
to install all of the drivers and get the box to recognize the library.
Using Veritas Netbackup, I can do all types of volume management (moving
tapes around, loading them into the library, ejecting them, etc...).
However, when I do a device configuration with Veritas Netbackup (3.4),
it scans for the library successfully, and sees that there are drives in
the tape drive slots, but does not let me check them to add to the
Netbackup config. My question is this: Does the Ultra 2 need to have
/dev/rmt entries or see the tape devices from the ok prompt (using
probe-scsi; BTW, the L180 does show up using probe-scsi) in order to use
them? Or does the driver for the tape library act as a buffer between
the tape devices and the Ultra2? Thanks in advance for any help you can


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