SUMMARY: Solaris on a laptop

From: Robert Alexander (
Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 - 10:16:16 CDT

Hi Gurus,

I was hoping to have some better information for my summary, but
didn't want to delay posting any longer, so here's what I have:

Here's some links I found in the process of trying to chase this down.

Solaris x86 Corner

Got two responses from the list, and they said that IBM ThinkPads
and Toshibas were not bad. Apparently Sun techs themselves use Solaris on
Toshibas, but nobody's talking about how they do it.

I've been hoping to get it going on a Dell Latitude CPi A400xt, but haven't
actually attempted it yet. (Been screwing around with RedHat 6.2 with limited
success -- video issue.)

I think that on laptops, because of the lack of communication between Solaris
and the BIOS, Solaris can get upset when the computer goes into sleep or other
power-saving mode. There may be file corruption issues. I may be
wrong about this.

Hope this helps. I'd appreciate knowing if any of you have any success. :>


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