SUMMARY: mixing CPU speeds in a 4000

From: End User (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 09:31:52 CDT

Thanks to Casper Dik and Scott Howard for their replies. They said that this
config is not supported by Sun. I want to get all the boards to the the same
OBP level so I will flash the proms soon. While the machine is down, I'll
stick the higher speed CPUs in the system to see what happens. I'll let
the list know if it works!

thanks again!

original question:
> Sun managers,
> I know this issue has been addressed before, I even found
> a few old summaries in the sun-managers archive that said
> mixing cpu speeds is not supported by Sun. However,
> I talked to a Sun engineer today and he said this was possible
> if I apply the flashprom update 3.2.26 to all my boards.

> However, sun's website containing the patch info says
> "
> Known problems remaining in this PROM
> -------------------------------------
> 4220865 need OBP support to keep track of disabled cpus/memory
> 4219097 POST allows mixed speed CPUs
> 4333365 E3000 fails to set 5:1 clock ratio with 400/8 cpu's
> "
> I was planning on doing this upgrade tonight, but now I am
> not sure if it will be successful. Does anyone have any experience
> running a 4000 with mixed speed Cpus?
> Thank you! I will summarize!

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