Sydney Olympic Daylight Savings changes.

From: Danielle Georgette (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 20:05:19 CDT

Hi all,

I've recently been making last minute checks on our Solaris systems to make
sure the new daylight savings changes for Sydney for the Olympics (27th Aug
instead of 29 Sept) will occur as planned.

We've come across some funny things. There seems to be a peculiarity in the
zoneinfo files for Australia/NSW and Australia/Sydney - at least for our 2.7
and 2.5.1 (y2k patchkit) systems. Zdump also seems to be broken on our 2.5.1
systems - it only dumps the current date, then 1901, 1970, and 2038. Go

I'm enclosing the instructions I wrote for our internal staff and trainees
that show the problem we found, and how we plan to get around it - sorry if
they are a little bit overexplained for the rest of you. I'd also appreciate
it if anyone can find where I might be in error with my assumptions in this
document and correct me. At the moment i'm assuming its a Solaris problem,
and it might just be a me problem :)

I hope this prevents hassles for some .au admins at least.

Danielle Georgette
Unix Administration
Australian Stock Exchange
Sydney, Australia

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