SUMMARY: tty terminal problem

From: Prabhat Karki (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 08:51:35 CDT

My original question was:
Hi Sun Gurus,

I work on my sparcs running Solaris 2.x servers, remotely from my PC
which is running RedHat Linux. When I rlogin to and Sun servers from
PC I run into terminal problems, meaning I have problems with some of
the keys on the keyboard such as the backspace and the delete key just
wont work the way they are supposed to. When I type
# tty
I get the response
# /dev/pts/2 or /dev/pts/>1
which i know is an error because it is supposed to be /dev/pts/=<1
I dont know much about switching terminals from sun monitor to others.
Is there a certain file where I can make any changes for it to work
way I want? or is there any tools I can use or do anything

The solution is very simple.
thanks to Steve Binyon, Alan Reichert, David Mitchell, Casper Dik

You can use the stty command on the command line or put it in the
.profile file so that it is in effect everytime to log on. You can use
the stty command to your preference. In the example shown below stty is
used so that backspace key is used to erase.

# stty erase <backspace key>

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