SUMMARY: Adding package with no interaction....

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 17:12:39 CDT

I needed to use the 'all' keyword at the end of my line. So it would
look like this:

                pkgadd -a /path/to/adminfile -d <pkgname> -r /path/to/responsefile all

You can also use the actual package name (ie. HPJetAdmin) or the '*' to
indicate a wildcard match of all.

Thanks to:
Alan Orndorff Russ Poffenberger
Huzefa Mohamedali Michael Hill
Aaron Lafferty Arthur Darren Dunham
Clifford Thurber Joe Doetzl

Thanks also to Mike Allmen and Tom Crummey for the following:
pkgadd -d <jetadmin package> all <<EOF

Where 0,y,y are default answers to the questions asked by the install.
Replace them as needed to suit your environment.

pkgadd -d . -R /a SUNWglrt SUNWglrtu <<EOF


Jeff Kennedy wrote:
> I have to upgrade my JetAdmin software on all my Sun's. We have a
> universal cron job that will add packages to every machine. I need to
> fully automate this process.
> I have an admin file that works pretty well and a response file that was
> generated by doing pkgask on this package. The only problem is that
> when I run the following command
> pkgadd -a /path/to/adminfile -d <pkgname> -r /path/to/responsefile
> it still gives me a list of the packages available (only one) and asks
> which package(s) I wish to process. I want to have it automatically
> select package 1 (or all since there is only one). What am I missing???
> I have also tried pkgadd -n -a ....... to no avail.
> Thanks.

Jeff Kennedy
Unix Administrator

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