Summary: sun Enterprise 420r and Solaris 7

From: Juan Carlos Botero (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 14:22:23 CDT

Thank you to all that reply.

The problem seems to be with the version of Solaris 7 as stated by Hans
Schaechl below; however, I call the people at sun and I got the cdrom
installation working with the following steps:
> Here are the steps:
> Halt machine to the OK prompt.
> Then type in:
> ok> setenv boot-file /plaform/sun4u/kernel/unix
> ok> reset
> The machine will then attempt to boot. When you see an initial
> display come up , halt the machine again. (stop-a)
> then type:
> ok> boot cdrom
> The machine should start the install. Let me know if it works .
> Thank You,
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> /_____\\ \ Walter J. Luzak
> /_____\ \\ / Technical Support Engineer
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Hans Schaechl wrote:
> Hi!
> SUN ConfigGuide says that you need at least Sol 7 Hw 11/99 or later
> for both 220r and 420r. Probably it's because of a missing /platform/\
> `uname -i` link to the appropriate directory where the kernel image
> lives (see you error message, it simply doesn't find the boot-file).
> Since 420r internally is an Ultra 80 (220r equals Ultra 60) it tries
> to find kernel/unix in /platform/SUNW,Ultra-80
> HTH,
> Hans
> At 10:13 21.08.00 -0400, you wrote:
> >Thank you to all taht responded to my questionbut nothing helped.
> >
> >I am sorry I was not very specific with my problem but here I go.
> >
> >As I stated before I have a new Sun Enterprise 420r that I need to set up
with Solaris 7 version 98. I have not be able to do it because as some of
you pointed to just insert the Solaris 7 cd and boot it did not work; I have
tried that before I wrote to this list.
> >The error I encounter is that once I boot from cdrom or do a jumpstart
install over the net of the Solaris 7 I get an error message:
> >
> >error cannot open kernel/unix:
> >
> >I was able to install Solaris 2.6 using the enviroment cd before
installation and also I applied it to patched my Solaris 2.6 OS image on the
jumpstart server that I had set up, and I had success on the installation
both cd an net; however, I don't know if I should apply the enviroment cd
to patch Solaris 7 image that I have in the jumpstart server, the
documentation only mention to patch Solaris 2.5 and Solaris 2.6.
> >
> >Note: some of you mention that Solaris 7 installation worked on Sun 450
and Sun 220; I know it work because I have also install four 450 and two 220
with both operating systems. I have only had a similar problem installing
2.6 on sun Ultra 10 however I never have any problems with Solaris 7 on the
Ultras. Also, Paul Yahnig said that he had installed Solaris 7 11/99
version on ten 420r; I am using Solaris 7 98 version.
> >
> >Thanks again to all that had responded and I welcome any new suggestion.
> >
> >Juan Carlos Botero
> >QOSLabs

Juan Carlos Botero

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