SUMMARY: snoop info

Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 12:50:37 CDT

Just what I was looking for... and Dave Grant (
provided it - TCPTRACE.

Excellent program! Even provides information for how to produce charts
based on the data captured.
The program shows all kinds of statistical data including pack

Here is his message:

>I recommend "tcptrace". You can download the binaries, it installs
quickly and
>will analyze tcp packets collected in a file using snoop with the -o
option. It
>the type of data you are looking for including retransmits.
>Here is the link:
>It does an excellent job. I downloaded it and was looking at packet
>five minutes.

Thanks also to Scott Howard ( for suggesting the
book "TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1" by W. Richard Stevens. You weren't
joking, it is expensive! (~$65 USD cover price) But from what little I've
read already, it's worth it.

Dave Foster ( suggested O'Reilly's book "TCP/IP Network
Administration" which he states has good examples. I unfortunately
didn't find that book (yet) so I can't comment on it myself. THANK YOU!

Hee_Meng_HO ( suggested an article from Lance
Spitzner at:
Thanks Hee Meng Ho but that really only gave me examples of the snoop
command usage... Thanks anyway!

Thanks also to Daniel Lorenzini ( but his response was also
more of command usage. Effort counts - Thanks!

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