SUMMARY: Secure Partioning Software

From: Ernest Cespedes (
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 12:43:30 CDT

Thanks to Hendrik Visage and Bill Hebert for pointing me to
argus-systems. Some of the security software packages
offered by this company seem to match our requirements.


Original question was:

> I'm tasked to find a solution in which we can partition and secure
> customers home directories on A5200 StorEdge running Veritas
> Volume Manager. Our objective is to deploy an ASP services to
> our customers in which they log in to our Compute Farm (consisting of
> 5 Sun 420R's each with 4x450Mhz CPU's running Solaris 2.7), run
> our applications, and save the data to their secured partition or
> directory. Each customer should NOT see other people's data
> but their own, pretty much like the WUFTP concept.
> The native security with Solaris 2.7 (or any Unix flavors) is a little
> primitive for this sort of security requirements, we need to assure
> our customers that their data is secured with a much sophisticated
> security/accounting/auditing tools.
> I've looked at, but their solution is too expensive
> and over-kill for our need.

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