[SUMMARY] getting ok prompt trhough pc

From: Manesh, Nasser (CAP, PTL) (Nasser.Manesh@penske.com)
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 09:29:15 CDT

Thanks to _all_ the people who responded... Too many to name.

Everybody's in agreement that connecting the Ultra and PC using a serial
cable with null modem and then using any terminal emulator like HyperTerm or
NetTerm will do the job. Naturally Ultra's keyboard should be disconnected
for it to use tty as the output device.

Some more details:

Serial setting should be 9600 8-n-1, with flow control xonn/xoff.
Criag Russel mentioned that this works from win98, but not NT.
25-pin mail connector at sun end is needed.
John Malick mentioned that you'll need to attach the PC to the serial port
while the Ultra 2
is off. Then turn on the Ultra2 and you should get the console.
If you send a break from terminal emulator it'll halt the cpu on Untra and
get to ok prompt, so you need to be careful not to turn off the pc.

Originall post:

Hi all,

What's the best way to get to the ok prompt of a desktop Ultra2 that has no
monitor using a PC? Is there an easy way to get to the serial interface and
use a PC terminall emulator, or I need to get a cable convertor and connect
a PC monitor to it?

Thanks a lot!

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