SUMMARY: utmpx boot up error / sync error

From: Jim Sauer (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 16:56:03 CDT

Thanks to all who replied and
Special thanks to Kent Perrier

In Kent's words:

Is /var/adm mounted at boot time? I have seen something like this
when a former admin was being too clever and he moved /var/adm
to another file system and sym linked /var/adm to its new location.
The new filesystem had a lower priority in the boot order than
/var. On boot the files in /var/adm (such as utmp and utmpx) were
not there so the boot process would fail.

Apparently this is ultimately just a "nuisance" message.


Original Message:
> I have a SparcServer 1000E running 2.6
> When the system boots I get the displayed error:
> INIT: failed write of utmpx entry:"s6"
> then it displays:
> syncing file systems and displays a different number
> (everytime it boots) for 3 1/2 lines on the monitor
> and finally displays "cannot sync giving up"
> Despite that the system runs properly.
> Boot up also creates a "core" file in the root directory.
> The permissions on /var/adm/utmpx is rw-r--r-- root bin
> Thanks for any ideas.

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