SUMMARY: hostid->hostname mapping?

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 12:44:24 CDT

Apparently I am not the first one to have this question. I received
just about 30 replies in the first 10 minutes. Here's the short answer:

ping the broadcast address of all my networks to populate the arp table
arp -a | grep 89:dc:aa
or, if you run NIS
grep 89:dc:aa ethers (used this one)

The long answer (and better solution long term) is to run a script that
gets the hostid as well as anything else that a sysadmin would want to
know; like IP, OS version, # cpu's, amount of ram, etc... and keep this
in a database. Once the legacy systems are taken care of, start keeping
track of this info as new systems come in and you no longer have a

My appreciation to all.


Jeff Kennedy wrote:
> Greetings all,
> Given a hostid, like 8089dcaa, is there a straightforward
> way (other than exhaustive search) to determine the corresponding
> hostname?
> I have a network with several hundred hosts (who doesn't) and a single
> hostid but no idea what host it belongs to. I'd hate to script a 'rsh
> host hostid' and run it on every host if I don't have to.

Jeff Kennedy
Unix Administrator

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