SUMMARY: ufsdump error using rsh to tape drive on remote system

Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 10:18:21 CDT

Many thanks to all who replied; I sincerely appreciate your assistance.
Turns out, I overlooked the obvious:

"change your first argument for ufsdump to "0f" (to indicate that the next
argument is where to dump the filesystem)."

The correct command is:
ufsdump 0f host1:/dev/rmt/0 /var

Here is my original post:

Hello SUN Managers. I am having trouble doing a ufsdump to a tape drive on
a remote system. Here is what is happening:

-The local system is Solaris 2.7 and the remote system is Solaris 2.6.

-I can rsh as root without any problems to the remote system and check the
status of the tape drive:
rsh host1 mt -f /dev/rmt/0 status
DLT4000 tape drive:
   sense key(0x0)= No Additional Sense residual= 0 retries= 0
   file no= 0 block no= 0

-The ufsdump command I am using is:
ufsdump 0 host1:/dev/rmt/0 /var

-The error generated is:
DUMP: Cannot open dump device `host1:/dev/rmt/0': No such file or directory

-However, I can see that this file/device exists on host1:
rsh host1 ls -l /dev/rmt/0
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root other 49 Jun 5 12:41 /dev/rmt/0 ->

Anyone see this before? I appreciate any suggestions you may have; I came
up empty in the archives.

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