SUMMARY: Jumpstart for Solaris 2.6, define starting cylinder of slices on disk in profile file

From: O'Neal, Chris (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 09:06:29 CDT

Can be done by making appropriate entry in profile file as an argument to
filesys. Syntax being...

     filesys slice start_cylinder:slice_size_by_cylinders file_system
Solaris 2.6

Sun Jumpstart
Sun Solstice Disk Suite
(Note: Don't know if this works on Solaris for Intel.)
With jumpstart for Solaris 2.6, can I define the order slices are physically
located on the disk drive?
I am documenting the build of two (2) E5500 built by another that have (2)
D130 and (1) A1000 each. The (2) D130s are mirrored using Solstice Disk
Suite. The D130s hold the OS because the A1000 do not support booting the

The builder built the boxes using jumpstart setting swap (slice 1) to 2gb +
23mb. After jumpstart has finished, the builder manuals reformats making
slice 4 the first 23mb of swap. The builder does this because he was
trained that the Solstice Disk Suite meta database must be in front of the
swap slice if swap is mirrored and did not want to make swap as slice 3
(slice 2 being the whole disk drive).

Is there a way in /jumpstart/*profile to tell jumpstart were to locate slice
4 on the hard disk so that the above manual reformatting step can be

I want to have jumpstart build the disk drives
- first 600mb for root as slice 0.
- then next 23mb for Solstice as slice 4.
- then next 2gb for swap as slice 1.
- then next 4gb for /var as slice 3.
- then next 2gb for /opt as slice 5.
- then next 2gb for /usr as slice 6.
- then next 4gb for /home as slice 7.
Most definitive answer found in book "Automating Solaris Installations" by
Paul Anthony Kasper and Alan L. McClellan on page 92 (published by Sun
1995). They explain that you can use the "filesys" command in the profile
file to make the size argument, which is normally a number in Mbytes, to a
start cylinder location and slice sized by cylinder count. This does
exactly what I want to do. So for me, my profile file would look like...

#Profile Keywords Profile Values
install_type initial_install
system_type server
cluster SUNWCXall
partitioning explicit
filesys c0t2d0s0 O:253 /
filesys c0t2d0s1 263:881 swap
filesys c0t2d0s3 1144:1781 /var
filesys c0t2d0s4 253:10 unnamed
filesys c0t2d0s5 2925:1782 /opt
filesys c0t2d0s6 4707:891 /usr
filesys c0t2d0s7 5598:1336 /export

So the above profile physically put slice 4 before slice 1 on the disk. I
have not tested this as both servers are built and time schedule of
dependences and deliverables prevent a rebuild (so use with caution). I am
documenting what was done so that if one goes bye-bye it can be rebuilt as
an exact match in a short period of time. I just wish the size of the slice
could have been defined in Mbytes instead of cylinders. Sometimes I am
cylinder math challenged (the above is from the review of the format command
from one of the already build servers).

The SOLSTICE DISK SUITE connection...

Slice 4 is a raw device and holds three copies of the metadb files for
Solstice Disk Suite (SDS). This was done by the builder because the builder
claims that when swap is mirrored, as it is in my case, the metadb files
have to be located on a slice that is before swap. I have not had time to
independently verify this. All of the respondents had not heard of this and
were either running SDS of slice 7 located at end of disk (two responses) or
running it on slice 1 with swap on slice 3 (one response).

I would like to thank the following for their responses...

John Weekley <>,
Nicole Skyrac <>,
Arthur Darren Dunham <>,
Sean Quaint <>,

Special thanks to John Weekley who came by and lent me the book for a week,
thx John!

Chris O'Neal <>

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