SUMMARY: SunPCi and mouse buttons in NT

Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 17:05:00 CDT

Original Post:
> The mouse buttons do not work in NT 4.0 before login or if you hit CTL-ALT-DEL
> to go to the task manager. This causes me to tab through to get to items.
> of the release notes said that this was a known problem but I have a co-worker
> hi R! ) who was told a way to fix this but she does not remember how. This
> happens on even the most recent version of SUNWspci ( 1.2.2 ) and with Solaris
> 2.6, 7 and 8. The 'attaching a mouse' option does not help - it is already
> attached and works fine in all other ways. Anyone else solve this problem? I
> checked with Sunsolve and the archives and could not find a resolution though
> one bug report did mention it without a fix.
> Thanks and I will summarize.
> David Forness

Thank you for the responses, especially Ofer Licht. I had neglected to run the
driver update. Note that this runs very slowly, and with my particular
environment I had one Windows message that it was going to replace a newer file,
I believe it was sermouse. I almost always say 'no' to these messages during
Windows installations/updates and I did that the first time and rebooted. There
were a couple of mouse errors on the Solaris side during the NT bootup, and the
mouse still did not work properly. I re-ran the driver update and replaced the
newer file (responded yes) and the mouse buttons work all the time now!

His response:
The mouse issue appears to have been fixed sometime between 1.2 and 1.2.2.
Make sure you update the NT4 drivers for sunpciu using


This assumes F: is mapped to \\localhost\opt\SUNWspci
(or whereever you installed the sunpci software).

-Ofer Licht

Another response ( I did not try this since the first one worked but it might
help someone ):
From: Gerry Vest

I ran into exactly this situation myself. In my case, the cause was
that I had not "attached" the mouse before beginning the NT installation.
If you perform the installation without the mouse attached, the install
will complete successfully, but you will see exactly the behaviour
you describe.

Unfortunately, the only solution I found was to perform a complete
re-install on a fresh drive, this time with the mouse attached
during setup.

Hope this helps.


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