SUMMARY: E450 hang

From: Mohammad Matar (
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 08:03:17 CDT

Thanks a lot for all those who responded, all the advises centered around
'boot -v' from the ok prompt to see what the system was doing and sure
enough it was probing all the disks and controllers of the 2 A1000 arrays.
What threw me was that I disconnected the 2 A1000s and the system still took
the same time to boot, so I assumed that because of the presence of the RAID
drivers it did that. You can correct me on that. Here what I asked:
Dear managers,
> I have an E450 with solaris7, 2 A1000 disk arrays and using DiskSuite to
> mirror root disk. The system is fully patched for Solaris, rm6, and
> DiskSuite. When I reboot the machine the system would go through its
> reboot process, but when it reaches the copy right line after the Sun OS
> release line it hangs for about 5 minutes, you can not even do a stop a,
> before it continues! I hooked a terminal to ttya to watch POST but I did
> see anything abnormal. Could someone tell me if there is any way to
> what the system is doing during that hang time or why. Thanks.
> Note: This is a new system, meaning it was staged and configured only last
> week.

Mohammad Matar
Systems Engineer
Digital Controls Corp.
(513) 746-8118 ext. 2205
(513) 743-8575 fax

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