SUMMARY: Trap 3e on A1000, failing RAID Manager

From: Luke Kanies (
Date: Mon Aug 14 2000 - 15:10:34 CDT

Although multiple people emailed me saying they were having basically
the same problem I am, although not usually with an A1000, no one seems
to have found a solution. I refer to bug 4166678 below, and it looks
like that bug still hasn't been fixed. So, I don't recommend trying to
boot off of an A1000, because apparently it will give the Trap 3e on PCI
cards right now.

I still have not figured out why I cannot fsck volumes, either.

Luke Kanies wrote:
> I have a 420 connected to an A1000 through a Sun differential SCSI
> card. I was able to install the OS, install RAID Manager, configure the
> volume on the A1000, and then install the OS on the A1000 with no
> problems at all.
> However, when I try to boot from the A1000, I have numerous problems.
> First and foremost, when the machine is initially coming up (just after
> the prom headers are displayed) the boot stops with a 'Trap 3e' and the
> machine goes to an ok prompt. I can type 'boot' from there and the
> system comes up fine. This is most certainly not acceptable for a
> production system, though.
> Sunsolve lists bugs 4166678 and 1251360 which relate to this problem,
> but they are more than a year old, and I am hoping that there are
> resolutions by now, although the bug reports only list workarounds
> (i.e., type 'boot' again; thanks).
> I did find another bug report on sunsolve which claimed that the problem
> stemmed from a bad superblock, and that fsck'ing with a different
> superblock would fix the problem. That didn't work for me though--any
> attempts at fsck'ing failed with 'CANNOT SEEK: BLK 5020768' errors. I
> could still mount the volume just fine though.
> That is the worst problem that I am having, but I am also having
> problems with RAID manager when booting from the A1000--everything works
> largely fine until I install the RAID Manager, but when I install the RM
> and reboot, the system invariably fails to come up, usually complaining
> that c1t5d0s0 (the boot slice on the A1000 volume) is not this fstype
> and then mounting it read-only. Is there something special about RAID
> Manager that I need to know? I am just doing a vanilla install of 6.1.1
> update 2. All of the listed required patches are applied to my system,
> and I am running on 2.6. I don't require RAID Manager on the system,
> because once I get the system installed I won't be doing any volume
> manipulations (hopefully), but it would certainly be better to have it.
> I haven't used RAID Manager before, though, so I don't know the
> pertinent incantations.

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