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Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 16:34:54 CDT

If you aren't building an E10K don't install all the products on the
Software Supplement CD, specifically any packages related to the SSP
(system service processor) .

Remove SSP related packages. ie....
boot cdrom; mount just installed partitions; remove SSP related packages.

Original question :
Has anyone NOT on an Sun E10K, seen this condition when installing Solaris

Installed Solaris 8 on a Sun Ultra 2 @ 296mhz, choose entire distribution
w/ OEM support ( also tried minimum install option ). After the final
reboot the system comes up and prompts :

"Beginning setup of this w/s to act as a MAIN or SPARE SSP"
"Please specify which processor modules you have installed in your
1. 250 mhz
2. 366 mhz
3. .....

The OBP has been updated, and the install has been ran multiple times.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks to all that responded. Responses are below :
We have not seen this message w/our Solaris 8 installs.
However, it's important to know which CD you started with.

There's an install CD, CD 1 of 2, and CD 2 of 2.
We started with CD 1 of 2, using standard "boot cdrom".
The other approach uses the install CD. This resulted in too
much GUI funkiness, failing the Obejas/McCutchan
gratuitous vendor change tolerance threshold.

Our installs starting w/CD 1 of 2, Entire Distribution+OEM went smoothly.
We have also updated our local customization scripts already,
in case anybody is interested.



Definitely saw it *once* on an Ultra 5. Don't know what we did the
first time differently. We just assumed we screwed up and reinstalled.
I'd forgotten about it till your email.

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Yeh, you installed the SSP package. Boot off cdrom, mount root, usr and var on /a , /a/usr and /a/var and do a pkgrm -R /a of the ssp package.

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Man I wish my memory was better! Yes, I had this very thing happen to me just last week on the install of Solaris 2.8 on an Ultra 5. If I remember right, I either <control> c'ed out of the questioning, or made up bogus answers to get thru them. Once I had the workstation booted up, I did a "pkginfo | grep ssp" and removed the packages related to the System Service Processor. I believe it also put a startup script in /etc/init.d with some links to either /etc/rc2.d or /etc/rc3.d. Look for those and remove them. Hope this helps a little...

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I've seen this before when someone ran the installer on the "Software Supplement for the Solaris 8 Operating Environment" and let it install all products, specifically "Sun Enterprise 10000 SSP 3.2".


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