Summary: Strange Samba problem on Solaris 7

From: Toby A. Rider (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 13:17:44 CDT

Thanks for responses from the following folks:

Thomas Wardman
Logan Stout
Roger Fujii
Guru Nath

        This is the solution to my problem:

Add the following line to your smb.conf in the [global] section. It
resolve your problem...

remote announce =

Where, xxx is your network broadcast address (ie, and
the domain/workgroup you want your system to be in.

Also, adding it to your company's WINS server would solve the problem.
is rather picky about how it advertises NetBIOS named with Samba.

Hope that helps,


        Here is my original question:

Dear Fellow Sun-Managers,

I'm experiencing a strange samba problem. I built Samba 2.07 onto a
Solaris 7 machine, and got it up and running, however some of the Windoze
clients cannot connect to the machine through "Network neighborhood". In
order to get the Windoze clients to be able to connect to the Samba
I have to go in and manually edit "Domain Suffix Search Order" and add our
fully qualified domain.

For some reason the samba box seems to be broadcasting itself by it's
fully qualified domain name, for instance: "" and
doesn't respond when a client trys to connect to "joe".

If I open a Dos shell and do a "net view * \\" it
displays the available shares, just as it should. If I do just a "net
view * \\joe", it complains it can't find the machine name.

The clients are getting their DNS info. via DHCPD. The DHCPD machine can
resolve both "joe" and "", with no problems. As a
matter-of-fact the DHCPD machine is also the primary internal DNS server.
However for some reason that info. on how to resolve my box isn't being
passed to the clients that lease IPs off of it.


netbios name = joe
netbios aliases = joe
change notify timeout = 300
  deadtime = 60
  debug level = 1
  encrypt passwords = yes
  lm announce = false
  lm interval = 0
  load printers = no
  local master = no
  logon home =
  logon path =
  lpq cache time = 0
  name resolve order = host
  password server =
  security = server
  server string = Joe Samba Server v2.0.5a
  workgroup =

  path = /usr/magnet
  veto files = /
  writeable = yes
  force create mode = 664
  force directory mode = 2775

The reason this seems to be some issue with something I need to tweak on
Solaris is because I set-up Linux and Irix Samba servers on the network in
exactly the same manner, using my exact same smb.conf file, and the
Windoze clients can resolve them just fine.

Going and adding the "Domain Suffix Search Order" to every workstation on
the network is out of the question because there's too many of them. I
want to fix this on the server-side.

Below is my smb.conf, if anyone needs to see any of the other configs on
the Solaris Samba box, please let me know. Thanks in advance for any
help anyone can provide with this perplexing problem:

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