From: Mohammad Matar (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 12:26:09 CDT

Thanks a lot for all the responses, most of them said that I need RM 6.22
with Solaris 7. But, thanks to Thomas Wardman who gave me the following
procedure which worked exactly as stated and my problem is now resolved!
Special thanks to Thomas.


You need to get a few patches for Solaris 7 ...

The patches you will need are,

        106513-05 - Firmware / Application Update
        106552-04 - Application / Driver Update
        107458-08 - Application / Kernel Update

This is with RAID Manager 6.1.1 Update 2 and Solaris 7 11/99 w/ Apr 00
Recommended patches applied.

Apply those patches in the order I've given, boot -r the system, apply the
Firmware upgrade, boot -r again and the system should work just fine.

You can get the patches from Sun if you have a Sun Spectrum Contract.

Solaris 7 will not work with any of the A1000's installed unless you apply
these patches and firmware upgrade.

Hope that helps,


 The original post was:
 Dear list,
> I have an E 450 server with Solaris 7. We just added 2 A1000 arrays with 4
> 9GB disks each. I installed RM 6.1.1 but when I reboot I get :
> forceload of drv/rdriver failed
> forceload of drv/nexurd failed
> and it waits for more than 10 minutes before it continues booting. When I
> execute rm6 I can see both modules and thier drives and their states are
> optimal! Any ideas? Thanks

Mohammad Matar
Systems Engineer
Digital Controls Corp.
(513) 746-8118 ext. 2205
(513) 743-8575 fax

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