SUMMARY: Help About Network Administrator for Solaris Exam

From: Kenan Sevindik (
Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 02:16:39 CDT

Thanks to all replies,

David LaPorte
Lauwers, Luc
Luis Castro
Celeste Stokely

Luc's advice,

Sun's own web site has about 15 test questions. It's not much, but they
are very representative of what you get on the real exam. (I think some
of them may even show up on it!) , pick "Sample
questions" from the drop down list.

My advise: limit yourself to what's mentioned in the objectives, the
exams completely match the corresponding classroom courses, don't waste
time on studying things not covered there.

Note: I'm Certified Network Administrator for Solaris 2.6, so I took
exam 310-041, not 310-042. But I think the above advise is still valid.
I never used any other sample tests than those on Sun's site.

David says,

I took the test last week and wasn't able to find ANYTHING on-line...

Luis says,

...go to they have about 4 different sample tests.

Jason says,

I think may have something ...

Celeste Stokely says,

We have quite a few listed at

We have also searched the web and found not much about network
administrator exam, although there are several useful sites for Admin I
and II.


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