SUMMARY: A beginner DiskSuite question.

From: Przemyslaw Tokarski (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 09:24:00 CDT


 This is my original posting:

Hello Sun Managers !!

 I have a simple and straightforward question. I`ve found on Sun`s web pages
( that DiskSuite
application is included with Solaris 8 SPARC and Intel distribution, however
the AnswerBook documentation says it is still a separate product. Even though
I did a full install (Solaris 8, x86 platform) I can not find DiskSuite
anywhere on the system (pkginfo, etc.) So where is it. Is it still a separate
product or is it bundled together with Solaris 8 product ? How can I launch
it ? In case of any RTFM`s - I don`t have the appropriate manual to read

Best regards...

Przemyslaw Tokarski
Nuclear Problems Institute

The replies came from:

Michael Miller <>
Philippe Piotrowski <>
Gunter Vanasse -- ACE Web Engineer <>
David H. Brierley <>
Ravi Channavajhala Ravi_Channavajhala@Instinet.Com
David Evans <>
Ronald Loftin <>
John T. Douglasse <>
Changa Anderson <>
Matthew Stier <>
Max Trummer <>
Sriram V (OCS-BLRAKS-TSG) <>
Leo Knyshov <>

Thank you all very much.

DiskSuite is included with Solaris 8 (x86). It is on a "Solaris 8
Software 2 of 2" CD in a Solaris_8/EA/products/DiskSuite_4.2.1 directory.
To install it, type ./installer.

Przemyslaw Tokarski
Nuclear Problems Institute

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