SUMMARY: Another "Fast Data Access MMU Miss" problem

From: Barry Gamblin (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 09:23:47 CDT

Original post:
> I've seen this before, but the summaries don't seem to help me.
> HW: Ultra 5 (UltraSPARC IIi 360MHz)
> Openboot 3.25.2
> POST 3.0.9
> I'm trying to boot the 11/99 Solaris 7 CD. I've seen issues with
> Solaris 2.5.1 and Solaris 2.6, but I thought that Solaris 7 fixed
> this. It appears to not even attempt to read the cdrom before giving
> the "Fast Data Access MMU Miss" error.
> I'm using the command 'boot cdrom -s'
> devalias shows cdrom="/pci@1f,0/pci@1,1/ide@3/cdrom@2,0:f"
> Any suggestions?

What I was doing was turning on the machine (or doing a reset) and then
using Stop-A to get to the ok prompt. This was putting the Ultra 5 in a
state where it could not boot the cdrom. I used 'setenv auto-boot?
false' at the ok prompt followed by a 'reset-all', then when the machine
got to the ok prompt it booted the cdrom just fine. I was able to do a
complete install with no difficulty. Even though I did not need all the
steps, this response from Bertrand HUTIN <> has
some good info, so I'm posting it FYI.


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1. Verify OBP version by typing .version at the ok prompt or use
/usr/sbin/prtconf -V command at the UNIX prompt. If needed,
upgrade to
at least flash PROM version 3.2.21 using patch 103346-22 or

2. ok setenv auto-boot? false

3. ok setenv diag-level min (this will reduce the POST recycle

4. ok reset

5. ok limit-ecache-size

6. ok boot cdrom (minimum OS support is 2.5.1 HW 11/97 or 2.6 HW

7. Install the OS but do not allow auto-reboot!

8. # init 0

9. ok reset

10. ok limit-ecache-size

11. ok boot

12. Once the system boots, install the latest kernel patch.

Once the last kernel is installed, the limit-ecache-size is nolonger

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