SUMMARY: Snoopy for Solaris

From: Carlos Bernal (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 02:05:36 CDT

Hi Sun Managers:
        I send a mail to Marius Aamodt Eriksen, the Snoopy creator.
(I though they were two).

==========mail to and
> Hi friends:
> I've heard fantastic comments for sysadmins in Linux who uses your
> software, but I have a Sun network and I still can't compile the
> sources.
> Can you test it in SunOS? I'm using gcc and gnumake, Solaris 2.6, patch
> updated.
> Thanks in advance.

=====His response.

You may be in luck. My employer decided to give me a Sun to play with
to port it... Expect to
hear from me soon....


Marius Aamodt Eriksen
Nextra AS -

===end ==============================original message, forum > > Hi Sun Managers: > Do you know any kind of tool for administrators like this. > Snoopy is for Linux and I couldn't compile it for SunOS 5.6 using > gcc and gnumake. > "make: *** [] Error 1" > === > Snoopy is designed to aid the task of a sysadmin by providing a log of > commands executed. Snoopy is completely transparent to the user and > applications. It is linked into programs to provide a wrapper around > calls to execve(). Logging is done via syslogd and written to authpriv, > allowing secure offsite logging of activity. > === > > And it has GPL license. > TIA, I'll summarize. > > Carlos Bernal >

Now we have to wait.

Carlos Bernal

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