Stop A Summary REVISED

Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 13:48:39 CDT

Subject: Stop A Summary REVISED
Just to clarify:

The question I asked before about using telnet was just for a one-time shot.
This is an Sun E250 and I am setting up the RSC software (remote console). I had
only wanted to get to the ok prompt to type the following commands to redirect
the console to the remote console:
                                     diag-output- to rsc
                                     setenv input-dev rsc
                                     setenv output-device rsc

We had difficulty reaching anyone at the remote location so hence my question. I
am aware that there are ways to telnet using other equipment etc, because we are
going to use RSC it didn't warrant any additional equipment. I will wait until
there is a body to actually make the changes on location.

I will also check and see if any of the commands above can be changed with the
eeprom command.

Thanks again for all of the responses.



Could not find anything in the archives/FAQs concering this specific problem.

I am on a PC with a PC keyboard. I have telneted into a Sun server at a remote
site, SU'd to root. I want to get to the ok prompt.
I am using the Exceed telnet software.
I have tried the following:

scroll lock on/F1/a, crtl break, and alt break to no avail.

Can someone please inform me what keystrokes I need to perform to emulate a stop
a for this particular situation?



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