SUMMARY: Processor Speed

From: Heiko Maiwald (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 10:08:52 CDT

First of all thanks, for the replies although I am not there yet.
Most of the replies where completely dazzled by the question and they
just couldn't understand
why in the world somebody wants to slow his machine down. Well the
explanation is quite simple.
One of our customers claims to have a performance problem with our
software on a Ultra 10 333 MHz.
Now we have to try to reproduce the problem in our lab, where we have
only Ultra 10s running
with 440 Mhz available. Hence we're looking for a way to slow them down
temporarily just to
reproduce the problem. Simple isn't it?

I got some responses pointing in the right direction, saying there is a
machine specific command
at the ok prompt to set the processor speed. Unfortunately I haven't
been able to find the correct one
for an Ultra 10.
...and the customer is still pushing. ;((

I will summarize again if I find the solution.


> Hi everybody,
> is there a way to manipulate the processor speed on an Ultra 10?
> I'd like to get 440 Mhz machine down to 300 Mhz or at least make it
> behave like a 300 MHz machine.
> Thanks in advance.
> Heiko

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