SUMMARY: NIS+ server denies console login

From: Dr. Bill Crum (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 04:00:34 CDT

The solution to this problem was simple in the end.
Thanks to Richard Spindler for suggesting restarting dtlogin.

As root logged onto the server:
        /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -kill
which kills the graphical login. Then log back in as root and do
Its possible
        /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -reset
might have worked but I didn't try that.

Thanks to all who replied who helped me eliminate other
potential causes from the investigation.

Matanya Elchanani
Sounds like your /etc/nsswitch.conf doesn't have the correct passwd
entry. Check that you have something like:
        passwd: files nisplus
If you do, this is probably a NIS+ object ownership problem. Try typing
        niscat passwd.org_dir
as root on your server. If you don't get all your users passwd entries
than you need to figure why your root server can't reed the passwd object.

Check whether the root user is keyed against the NIS+ server by typing:
logged as root. You should NOT see a "(Not Authenticated)" after the
principal name.

Luke Kaines
Check that the keyserver is running. That is usually the problem in
this kind of situation (process name is keyserv).

Thanks also to Moti Levy and Paul Hedgepeth who's advice overlapped with some of the above.

-Bill Crum

> I've got an Ultra-60 running Sol7 setup as a NIS+ name-server (using nisserver).
> The problem is that none of the NIS+ registered users can login at the
> console on this particular machine. They get : "Login incorrect. Please try again."
> This occurs for both CDE and OpenWindows sessions. There is no attempt
> to start the windows environment - ie no Solaris screen, the user is left
> stuck on the login screen.

> Console logins work on other hosts which use the Ultra-60 for NIS+ services.
> In addition, rlogin, telnet etc onto the NIS+ server work fine for all users.

> I also created a local user - ie not one administered by NIS+ - on the NIS+ server
> and this user can login on the console as can root.

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