SUMMARY#2: Setting up a Canon GP335 as a network printer

From: Dennis Martens (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 01:21:04 CDT


    I was asked to share this info, even though it appears that nobody else is trying to use one of these printersfrom a Soalris platform. The outcome wasn't satisfactory, but the printer is working so at least the client is happy.
    The following set of commands will set up a print queue to allow printing to the Canon GP335, but as to which tray it prints, that needs to be set internally on the print device itself.
When printing from UNIX Solaris 2.6 workstations, use the following command sequence, substituting your printers name where 'astro' appears:

        lpadmin -p astro_print -v/dev/null
        lpadmin -p astro_print -i/usr/lib/lp/model/netstandard
        lpadmin -p astro_print -o dest=astro:print_200-216 -o protocol=bsd
        lpadmin -p astro_print -o nobanner
        lpadmin -p astro_print -I any
        accept astro_print
        enable astro_print
        lpadmin -p astro_print -s astro!print_200-216

Original Post:

Hi all. Someone here has bought a Canon GP335 Digital Copier (printer / photocopier combination). There is no such thing as a jetadmin lookalike from Canon, but they assure me that a print queue can be created via Solaris (2.6) Well, yeah... the queue can be created easily enough through lpadmin commands, but any print jobs remain on the queue forever.

SparcStation 10 , Solaris 2.6 , I have tried to fudge both local and remote print queues, I have used the enable and accept commands, I am waiting for Canon to tell me the actual commands to use, to support their "yes it works" statement.

All of our HP printers are covered by jetadmin, and our Xerox Document Centres have software supplied by Xerox to manage unix printing. What's up with Canon? Any ideas, tips?


Dennis Martens
Unix Administrator, BCISU
Queensland Health , Brisbane Australia
617 32340729

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