SUMMARY: Monitoring tools for Solaris and Sybase

From: Austin, Annie (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 04:10:24 CDT

Original query:
I'd like to add some automation to log / error checking on my Solaris OS
(and Sybase servers if there are any Sybase people out there). I would like
to catch problems which might show up on /var/adm/messages /var/log/syslog
and so on.
Any recommendations?


I have gone with the Big Brother as it has a nice web interface and I like
pictures (j/k).

Cheers all...

The Replies:

'Dan Brown []'
Logcheck is a package I use. Its a perlscript, available off the net,
that filters through syslog style messages, looking for items it finds

'Andrew Sit []'
We use swatch at to
track all our log files. It's wickedly configurable and will allow
you to do whatever you please on specific events.

'Erin Jones []'
i use big sister. <-- This seem to be NT warez :-/

BMC Patrol makes an excellent product for monitoring Sybase on UNIX,
specifically Solaris. HP Openview also has modules which might be of
to you which can seamlessly integrate Patrol into the monitoring of the OS
well. The combination of HP Openview, as a whole or in part, and BMC Patrol
will do wonders for your automation efforts. Openview allows for full
automation of actions through scripts, which may be able to use what you
have in place.

We tend to "diff" an old and new sybase log and then grep it through a list
of messages that we consider 'benign'. The resulting difference is what we
page ourselves with.

'Karl Vogel []'


   WOTS is a logfile monitoring utility written in perl5. It's based on
   swatch but is brand new. WOTS can be configured to watch multiple
   logfiles and to generate actions based on patterns matched in those
   files. The actions can be printing the message, executing an external
   command, and others.


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