Summary: pkgadd and admin file

From: Ana Yuseepi (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 20:33:24 CDT

Thanks once again to this list.... i asked same question in another list but
didn't get the answer...

the original question was:
   right now, am trying to add some packages, but am getting the error:
   pkgadd: ERROR: unable to open admin file <default>
and the answers are:
from :Atmane Alouache <>
Normally, it should ask for an admin file, only if you
   use pkgadd with the option -a
   To correct this, you may do :
   pkgadd -a /tmp/admin -d /path_to_packages packages

   And /tmp/admin could contain :

   With this your packages will be installed
   automatically, you won't have to answer any questions.
   Note: you may name or put the admin file wherever you
   want, just give the path when you use -a
David Foster <> suggested that do a "man pkgadd" and see
what an admin file is and also check to see if it's there with correct
from :David Robillard <drobilla@Matrox.COM>

   use the -a option of pkgadd and specify a forged admin file.
   you can do a 'man pkgadd' and locate the default admin file
   for the pkg, which is /vad/sadm/install/admin. What you can also
   do is use 'pkgadd -a none', which will force interaction with
   the user (I guess this'll be you :). Here's an example admin file
   that I use during JumpStart to enable interaction-free pkg installation.

   #ident "@(#)default 1.4 92/12/23 SMI" /* SVr4.0 */

thanks also to Terry Gardner <>


and as for the cause of my problem, i have moved the /var to /var1 and then
made a symbolic link from /export/home/var to /var as my /var is running out
of space ... thanks for all the information...


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