SUMMARY: hme problem following sys-unconfig

From: Dr. Bill Crum (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 04:07:25 CDT

Thanks to all for swift informative answers. I have not completely
solved my problem but have restored some connectivity as a result.
The solution so far was that I had some invisible alien characters in
/etc/hostname.hme0. Thanks to all who replied especially those
inside 60 minutes !

I include the following as good advice for diagnosing hme problems:

is the address in /etc/hostname.hme0 listed in /etc/hosts
(exact match required)?
You can't lookup a name in DNS before configuring an interface.
If hostname.hme0 contains a name, then
        /etc/nsswitch.conf must say on the "hosts" line
                hosts: files otherstuff
                hosts: files dns
        /etc/inet/hosts must an entry for the name in hostname.hme0
        /etc/hosts must be a symlink to /etc/inet/hosts.

The cases I've seen during early boot are because the name
in hostname.hme0 is not in /etc/hosts, or the hosts: line in
nsswitch.conf doesn't have "files" first. Without files first, there
is no way to resolve the name for the ethernet interface, since
DNS doesn't work until that interface is up.
Ric Anderson (
In the /etc directory you'll need to setup the "resolv.conf" file
and the "nsswitch.conf" file. The easiest way to do this is to look at
another system on the same network. They should all be the same.
Bill Armand
    type "netstat -nr"<enter> and look for a "default" line under routing and
verify the
    associated IP is your gateway - - - IF NOT, then
        a) Put your default gateway IP into a file called /etc/defaultrouter
(create if not there);
        b) find and kill the in.routed daemon, if it's there;
        c) type "route add default <gateway IP>"<enter>
        d) repeat the nestat -nr test.
        e) ping the gateway
        f) ibm, sun, netscape, or something outside.
1. try to recreate /etc/nodename, /etc/hostsname.hme0 and /etc/hosts files. May
be some invisible characters are inside.
2. Boot to single user. Check that hme module is loaded (modinfo | grep hme0).
3. Check that the hme0 device is known by /etc/path_to_inst. "dmesg|grep hme"
command will be also helpfull.
4. Finally, if nothing helps, try to change /sbin/rcS file by adding debug and
option to each script under /etc/rcS.d directory and look with which options
ifconfig command is invoked.
Artur Shnayder
U have missed changing the name in three directories ::

1. /etc/net/ticlts/hosts
2. /etc/net/ticots/hosts
3. /etc/net/ticotsord/hosts
Bageshwar Kumar

>I'm running Sol7 on a Sun-Ultra-1.
>The S-Bus adaptor worked after an install-as-new of Sol7 with no problems.
>I did a sys-unconfig followed by a boot -r after having some network problems.

>The boot and reconfigure stalled and I brought the system up stand-alone by
>answering No to the question "Is this machine connected to a network ?". I then
>tried to configure the network by hand.

>In brief I checked the instance of hme and then used
>ifconfig hme0 plumb
>ifconfig hme0 inet netmask -trailers up

>and ensured that
>/etc/hosts, /etc/nodename, /etc/netmasks, /etc/hostname.hme0
>were present and correct and that the domainname was setup.
>ifconfig -a then reports that hme0 is up with settings consistent with those
>of other machines on the local network.

>After doing that I can connect from the local host to the local host using
>rlogin/telnet/ping etc but I can't see any other hosts or vice-versa. For instance
>ping -s reports 100% packet loss.

>On doing another boot -r I get the following error during the boot:

>configuring network interfaces: ifconfig: SIOCSIFADDR : hme0 Cannot assign requested address hme0.

>This error originates from /etc/rcS.d/ and of ifconfig -a reports hme0 present but only
partially configured.

>Does anyone have any hints or clue what is happening ?

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