Semi [SUMMARY] - Backup (sort of) and restore.

From: Michael DeSimone (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 14:36:40 CDT

Thanks, Gurus. Sorry it took so long but I have been playing with things and
testing & developing more questions. Too much help to list all of you.
I revisited the Jumpstart docs more thoroughly and ignored my local "guru"
(only boot off CD my bum).
I decided that jumpstart is going to be my best bet. A couple of the dozen +
replies I received mentioned Casper Dik's autoinstall scripts but couldn't
provide a URL. I found some but they are really old and I was wondering if
any body knew the place to find the latest scripts.
I also was wondering how people tackled dealing with multiple OSs. Looking
at what I can define in the rules file I really can't nail any thing down.
My systems will be identical hardware wise, and could need to be 2.6 one
week then 7 the next then back to 2.6 or just be 2.6 for ever so I can't
base a rule on IP or current OS or domain name.
The choice of OS would have to be interactive but the rest should be fully
automatic, and I have done that part for one OS.
Should I create two, or more, Jumpstart directories then redo the
add_client_install for which ever OS I need for that client?
Is there a way to do this with a begin script? I can generate a profile on
the fly but what do I need to do to point the install at a specific disk
image? Are there better docs or a book, that would have the type of info I
need then the Solaris Advanced Installation Guide?

Additional Summary to Follow
Michael DeSimone
Computer & Stuff

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