SUMMARY: CDE .profile

From: Rodney Wines (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 09:36:03 CDT

I managed to delete my original message, but as best I can recall I asked
about configuring .profile so that CDE always started at boot on my Solaris 7
system, but users connecting via xterm windows from their PC's would get a
straight login.

I only got a couple of responses, and I apparently wasn't clear enough in my
original question, because the people who did respond didn't understand my
problem. However, I managed to figure it out myself by digging through the
backups from the last time I installed a Solaris server with a graphics head
and recovering the .profile and .dtprofile.

The secret is first to create a .dtprofile. There's a template somewhere,
but I can't find it on my new system. In the .dtprofile file, you need to


This does what it says; it sourses your .profile during CDE login.

It's then necessary to modify the .profile so that any commands that dink
with the terminal, expect standard input, etc, are bypassed for CDE login.
The .profile should have an if statement something like this:

     if [ ! "$DT" ]; then
       # commands and environment variables not appropriate for desktop
       stty ...
        tset ...

That's all there is to it. Works great, lasts a long time.


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