SUMMARY: GBIC Part numbers - IBM & Vixel

From: Chandrasekhar Kalle (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 13:44:07 CDT

I got a few replies on this, but the following
message from Lynne Regazzaini <>
says it all: Thanks a lot Lynne!

>From what I can tell, the part number 6731A translates into
both the Vixel and the IBM-- PN 370-3975-03.

IBM 21H9870
Vixel 00651050-70
830-870 nm

Here is the Breakdown of Good Vs Bad GBIC's

Part Number Manufacture Description Status

370-2303-02 VIXEL CD Lazer REPLACE
370-2303-02 IBM CD Lazer GOOD
370-3975-01 IBM CD Lazer GOOD
370-2303-03 VIXEL Vertical Cavity Lazer GOOD
370-2303-03 IBM Vertical Cavity Lazer GOOD

IBM GBIC's can be Identified by the Wire Handle.

Vixel GBIC's must be pulled out and checked for the -03 rev of the part


If you have Vixel 02REV50, REPLACE IT!! Its bad. Vixel's 03REV50 GBICs are good. All IBM GBICs are good.

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=>Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 11:49:04 -0700 (PDT) =>From: Chandrasekhar Kalle <> =>Subject: GBIC Part numbers - IBM & Vixel =>To: =>Cc: =>MIME-Version: 1.0 =>Content-MD5: Rm/1fiOzFFlo+YijfC2HGw== => => =>Does anyone know the correct Sun part =>numbers for the IBM GBIC module and =>"corrected" Vixel GBIC module? => =>From my notes, the corrected Vixel =>GBIC is 370-2303-03 => =>and IBM GBIC is 370-3975-01 => =>I cannot find any of the above part =>numbers in Sun's Web Site.. => =>My Sun vendor gives me X6731A as the =>part number for FC-AL 100 GBIC module =>and I am not sure whether it is IBM or =>Vixel. => =>If anyone could clear the confusion about =>problems with Vixel GBICs I would really =>really appreciate it and I will post a =>summary. => =>Thanks, =>Chandra =>

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